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Posted :    8/11/2018
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Posted :    8/10/2018
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Posted :    7/26/2018
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Posted :    7/15/2018
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Posted :    7/15/2018
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Posted :    7/15/2018
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Posted By :    Angel Castor  (
Posted :    7/15/2018
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Posted By :    STEVE CARPENTER  (
Posted :    5/3/2011
Comments :    This is the best care for my Bengal cat I have ever had. One of the employees is actually a breeder for this type feline. They also understand the love and attachment one can have with their pet. I wont go anywhere else, not for my Shuno the Bengal.
Posted By :    Dawn&Gerry Chartier  (
Posted :    1/28/2011
Comments :    We have been patrons of the best vetcare in our area. Thanks to all of you who provide all the understanding and love to our pets and us humans!You are tops with us.
Posted By :    roger kent&family
Posted :    8/18/2010
Comments :    the heart remembers simple joys and happy moments the heart remembers kindness and caring the hearts remembers special people like you thank you for taking care of our baby{werewolf}brtter known as po po thank you again roger kent &family
Posted By :    roger kent&family
Posted :    8/18/2010
Comments :    the heart remembers simple joys and happy moments the heart remembers kindness and caring the hearts remembers special people like you thank you for taking care of our baby{werewolf}brtter known as po po thank you again roger kent &family
Posted By :    Robin B.  (
Posted :    4/17/2010
Comments :    I’ve been going now to Brooklyn Veterinary Hospital for the past 15+ years and they never disappoint me. They are always extremely compassionate and caring my furry babies. For me my animals are an extension of my family and I always receive the best advice and care. Thank you so much for the outstanding service you all provide. I am sure you all have touched many hearts.
Posted By :    Ernie Sayles  (
Posted :    12/6/2009
Comments :    Blue and I would like to thank Dr. Tauro-Miller and staff for going above and beyond helping Blue, We both feel we are in good hands. Have a great Christams, I'm sure we will see you before. Thanks again BLUE SUMMER SAYLES
Posted By :    oschmann  (
Posted :    10/14/2009
Posted By :    DON SPAETH
Posted :    8/26/2009
Comments :    Dr Madenjian: It's August 26 today and Sophie, our 7 year old Black Lab female, is noticeably better. She no longer favors her rear leg and any swelling is either gone or nearly so. In early June you re-attached her left rear Achilles' tendon which separated during one of her periodic brawls with her brother, Bowen. For the next 8 weeks we visited you 2x a week to change her bandage/splint. At times I thought the operation had been a mistake--we should have left her alone. She had bandage sores; we couldn't/wouldn't keep her bandage dry. Remember July?? It rained an AVERAGE of 4/10" every day!! Anyway, a few days ago I noticed that she was trotting normally for the first time since the incident. One of your staff mentioned that a torn Achilles' Tendon is often worse than a broken leg. You drilled a hole in her bone, reattached the tendon with sutures, monitored her progress weekly. Now, she's ready to go with me on my daily walks in the woods once again. I can't thank you enough. I know Sophie feels the same way. She told me so.
Posted By :    Kristie P.
Posted :    5/15/2009
Comments :    I am a life-long client of Brooklyn Veterinary Hospital. I was employeed for six years with this hospital and have run into numerous caring, hard-working, and most importantly dedicated staff. I've intrusted my pet's health with all the Doctors. My Yellow Lab, Max, was the love of my life and treated with the up most love and care. I continued to use Brooklyn Veterinary Hospital long after I left for my Max. We were always welcomed and comfortable. Even though Max has passed on, I do intend to keep returning to Brooklyn Veterinary Hospital. Maybe some day I'll be able to welcome a new member to my family and introduce him or her to the staff, my friends at Brooklyn Veterinary Hospital.
Posted By :    Amber R
Posted :    3/18/2009
Comments :    It has been a while since Rocky passed, but i wanted to thank all the staff at BVH for helping us in his time of need. We arrived with an emergency visit and at the time we were not even clients at this hospital, we were taken in and treated as if we had gone there for years, Dr. Tauro-miller ran tests on him and helped him until atleast and hour after closing. Our own vet at the time turned us away, We wanted to thank everyone who was there for us. Never have i seen an entire group of people that were so willing to help. thanks again
Posted By :    Amanda C.
Posted :    3/14/2009
Comments :    I want to thank everyone for always being helpful. I am in there every month for dog food. I always forget to call ahead and nobody minds. Everyone is polite and courteous. I have taken classes with Joyce, who is wonderful. She is patient and always willing to answer questions. This is what makes your clinic outstanding.
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