Brooklyn Veterinary Hospital

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Brooklyn, CT 06234


Dr. Betsy Graham


Dr Betsy Graham with Pussy Willow

Dr. Betsy Graham (her real name is Mary Elizabeth) has enjoyed her part time work as a veterinarian at Brooklyn Veterinary Hospital since the fall of 2000.  She graduated from the New York State College of Veterinary Medicine, at Cornell University, in Ithaca, NY, in the year 1992. In 1986, with the overwhelming encouragement and support of her husband Bob, she followed a lifelong dream to become a veterinarian.  In doing this, she left behind a rewarding career as an Emergency Department RN, which has turned out to nicely compliment various aspects of her veterinary career.   Her initial pull in veterinary medicine was toward equine medicine, but she quickly discovered how gratifying companion animal medicine is, and has been proud to be listed amongst the ranks of companion animal veterinarians. She has no regrets about changing fields, and still loves veterinary medicine.  Although no longer regularly seeing clients and their pets Dr Graham helps BVH with technology issues, and takes an occasional break to give a visiting pet some reassurance or watch a surgery.

Dr. Graham enjoys the great outdoors, hiking, daily 3 mile walks, and working around their yard.  In her arms is her closest furry friend, Pussy Willow, who wormed her way into Dr. Graham's life 7 years ago.  Also known as "Puki", Willow loves lap time and has mastered the art of kitty zoning stretched out on Betsy's husband's legs.