Brooklyn Veterinary Hospital

150 Hartford Rd, PO Box 285
Brooklyn, CT 06234


Our Excellent Support Staff


We would not survive without them!

Our staff help with treatments, surgeries, the everyday chores, and keep us organized. 

They assist clients in many ways. These range from answering a host of questions covering topics such as how to best care for their friend's needs to flea infestations to appointment information, and often they just lend a caring ear for a happy or sad story.

They function both as receptionists ~ the first face to welcome you in our doors, 

and, as technicians ~ assisting us all in giving the best care possible for your companion.


Dawn Krasnecky and "Mollie"
Practice Manager: 2019 VMCC Practice Manager of the Year!

Amber and "Chewy"
Client Service Representative

Alice and "Vada"
Veterinary Technician 

Alex V. and "Buster"
Veterinary Technician 

Michaela and "Sam"
Veterinary Technician

Alexis and Buddy Blue

Alexis and her best friend "Buddy Blue"
Veterinary Technician

Crystal Haddad and Misty

Crystal and her kitty pal "Misty"
Veterinary Assisitant

Clarise, best friend to Veterinary TechnicianKathleen

Clarise, best friend to Kathleen
Veterinary Technician

Ashley and Sage

Ashley and Sage, 
Client Service Representative

Tarra and Otis, 
Client Service Representative

Caira AND Zena,
Client Service Representative

Leah and Nala, 
Client Service Representative

     Molly and Sophie,  Veterinary Assistant